Chapters Up Today!

Hey guys. Sorry for the delay on the chapters coming up. I was having technical difficulties that have now been resolved. So without further ado! Have the first three chapters of The Werewolf Hex! I hope it intrigues you enough to pick up the book! The release date is still to be determined….Read more

The Werewolf Hex – Chapter 3

Werewolf packs are a little like cults. They have their own compounds, often big enough to be a town, and they keep a close watch on the comings and goings of their wolves. They don’t care so much about the humans, but the wolves are watched closely. If a wolf stays out at night too…Read more

Teaser Chapters

I’m going to post up the first three chapters of the book as a little taste for what’s to come! I’ll have them up within the day. No release date as of yet… but I will be updating as soon as I have more info. Hope you enjoy your first taste of The Werewolf Hex….Read more

Cover Artist – The Werewolf Hex

I am so excited to announce that Mariella Villalobos is going to be doing the cover art for The Werewolf Hex! I cannot tell you how jazzed I am about it. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with! She’s a freelance illustrator from Calgary with the most amazing ability to make…Read more

The Werewolf Hex – Coming Soon

Mage Fredrik Nieminen is probably the most badass mage in Minneapolis (maybe all of the twin cities), but he is unprepared when a werewolf walks into his shop and asks for his help. Freddie generally steers clear of werewolves. But this werewolf has an interesting problem, and Freddie just can’t resist. If you like urban…Read more